Elections: CDIM CA



Tara Loushine, MS, CHES

Loushine.jpgPlease accept this vision statement regarding why I would like you to consider electing me to serve as the CDIM CAAC Chair-Elect.  Over the last seven years while in my position, I have evaluated current procedures to be able to implement and streamline system operations to improve quality assurance and better facilitation of medical education programs.  Being connected to CDIM administrators during this time has been helpful, knowing good advice and support was always just an email away. 

I have been a part of the CDIM Professional Development Committee since my first conference in 2012. I have participated in meetings, conferences, been a council member, worked on various committees, and more recently became a co-chair for the Professional Development Committee. The more I am able to give back to CDIM CAAC, the more I find I get out of it.  We are all here for each other, and I hope to continue to get this message out to all other coordinators and administrators we interact with at meetings or via email, newsletters, etc...

In this ever-changing environment of medical education, one of the most valuable resources we have is each other.  Whether it is for asking questions regarding longitudinal or integrated curriculums, professional advancement, student issues, or wellness (of students or faculty/staff.)  We are all in it together, which is why I would like to be considered for CDIM CAAC Chair-Elect.


Rebekah Redfern

RedfernRebekah.jpgMy reason for seeking a councilor position on the CDIM CA Advisory Council is to primarily expand my knowledge of how other programs are navigating the vast medical education system. I’m a huge believer in networking. I have been a member of the CDIM for almost 5 years and have grown immensely with the help of fellow coordinators who have supported, encouraged and shared their experiences with me. With their encouragement and support I have become a much more active member of our medical school in the past couple of years serving on several different committees. I feel that a coordinator’s point of view is frequently drowned out. Coordinators are an intricate and vital part of the clerkship team and as such our voices should hold weight. I have a personal goal that I hope this position will help me to achieve becoming more confident in myself and my ideas so that I can present myself and my ideas with assertiveness and confidence. I also hope to be able to bring fresh, new and diverse ideas to the group. I enjoy working in a team setting where communication and ideas are openly discussed and encouraged. This group is filled with people from all sizes of universities from so many diverse areas and I look forward to collaborating with the group.

Jaime Schadegg

SchadeggJaime.jpgI started my career in UME at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita in February of 2015. Since my start I have moved from an Assistant Clerkship Coordinator to the Senior Student Office Coordinator for Internal Medicine where I oversee the Internal Medicine 8-week clerkship, the Neurology 4-week clerkship and all fourth year Internal Medicine electives and required rotations. I joined the CDIM CA Professional Development Committee in October of 2018 and was certified as a CGEA/AAMC Certified Clerkship Administrator in November of 2018. Since starting my roll, I have worked in tandem with my Clerkship Directors to overhaul our curriculum, implement a new online delivery tool and increase overall satisfaction of our clerkships. I believe the best and most rewarding part of this job is to see our students flourish in the efforts of our hard work to provide the best education possible.

If I am voted as a councilor on the Clerkship Administrator Advisory Council, I hope to inspire other clerkship administrators to find innovative ideas for improvement in their clerkships. I will urge all clerkship administrators to attend national meetings to network and find encouragement from fellow cohorts, and I will encourage them to pursue outlets of professional development such as joining a CDIM CA committee. I feel like my knowledge and career advancement in the last few years has prepared me for the roll of leading and supporting other clerkship administrators on their journey to complete job satisfaction.

The knowledge of having a large group of people who know the joys, frustrations, successes and failures of being a clerkship administrator backing you and encouraging you along the way, makes this career field more desirable. Thank you for your consideration.