APM Affiliate Membership

Criteria for Membership

  • The candidate must have interest in actively contributing to APM through its meetings, committees, and publications as well as helping the association pursue its mission of “providing leadership for academic internal medicine.”
  • The candidate must have a faculty appointment at a medical school at the rank of professor.
  • The candidate must have exhibited leadership in his or her department and in the academic internal medicine community in the areas of education, research, or clinical care. This leadership should be documented and easily identifiable.

Nominating Process

  • The candidate must be nominated by the institutional member from the candidate’s affiliated medical school.
  • Affiliate membership nominees are presented to the APM Council for final approval.
  • Once a nominee is offered and accepts affiliate membership, his or her continued membership is based ongood standing, such as paying dues and participating in association activities.

APM Affiliate Member Benefits

All affiliate members are:

  • Invited to every APM meeting.
  • Eligible to serve on all APM committees and task forces and as an At-Large Member of the Council.
  • Eligible to vote on matters presented to the membership.
  • Invited to receive all AAIM publications, including The American Journal of Medicine, AAIM Connection, and Academic Internal Medicine Insight.

APM Affiliate Member Dues

Affiliate membership dues are covered under the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM) departmental invoice payment. Individual APM affiliate membership is not an option.

Termination of Membership

An APM affiliate’s membership terminates if:

  • The affiliate member leaves the institution from which he or she was nominated.
  • The institutional member from the affiliated medical school decides to cancel the affiliate’s membership.
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