APM Emeritus Membership

APM Emeritus Membership

Criteria for Membership

  • The candidate must have previously been an institutional member of APM for no fewer than three consecutive years.

Nominating Process

  • The candidate may be nominated by a current institutional member of the association.
  • The candidate may self-nominate.
  • Nominees are presented to the APM Council for final approval.
    • If the candidate is a former APM institutional member who has left the position of chair of the department of internal medicine within the last 12 months, they may automatically be enrolled without submitting a formal nomination or receiving approval from the APM Council.
  • Once a nominee is offered and accepts emeritus membership, his or her continued membership is based on good standing and continuous participation in APM’s activities.

APM Emeritus Member Benefits

All emeritus members are:

  • Invited to every APM meeting.
  • Eligible to serve on all APM committees and task forces (emeritus members are not eligible to serve on the APM Council).
  • Eligible to vote on matters presented to the membership.
  • Invited to receive all AAIM publications, including The American Journal of Medicine, AAIM Connection, and Academic Internal Medicine Insight.

APM Emeritus Member Dues

Emeritus membership dues are covered under the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM) departmental invoice payment. Individual APM emeritus membership is not an option.

Termination of Membership

Emeritus membership terminates if:

  • The emeritus member is not an active participant in APM or the emeritus member is not in good standing.

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