Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine

The Alliance empowers academic internal medicine professionals and enhances health care through professional development, research, and advocacy. Through AIM, APDIM, APM, ASP, and CDIM, the Alliance includes more than 11,000 faculty and staff in departments of internal medicine at medical schools and teaching hospitals.

Our Mission

AAIM fosters the advancement of learning, discovery, and caring by enhancing the professional growth of academic internal medicine faculty, administrators, and physicians-in-training.

Our Vision

Academic internal medicine, as the home of medical education and research, is the generator of innovation for health care, now and for the future.

Diversity Statement

An AAIM core value is to embody diversity, inclusiveness, and mutual respect. Within this context AAIM embraces all aspects of diversity and inclusion in their broadest forms, including race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, professional role and tenure, country of origin, institutional affiliation, geographic location, disability, age, and unique skills and abilities.

AAIM Founding Members


AIM Members

AIM represents chief administrative officers, division administrators, administrative directors and managers, and other senior business administrators in departments of internal medicine at medical schools and affiliated teaching hospitals.

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ASP Members

ASP represents fellowship program directors, division chiefs, any physician faculty involved in an accredited internal medicine subspecialty fellowship program or its division.

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APDIM Members

APDIM represents program directors, associate and assistant program directors, core faculty, program administrators and coordinators, fellowship coordinators, and other key faculty and staff involved in the internal medicine residency program.

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CDIM Members

CDIM represents the individuals responsible for teaching internal medicine to medical students.

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APM Members

APM represents department chairs of internal medicine at medical schools, vice chairs, chairs at affiliated teaching hospitals, and other departmental leaders who are full professors of medicine.

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