Member Engagement

Member engagement at the Alliance is the commitment of energy, time, ideas, and resources from members and the organization through participation in meaningful interactions that advance individuals professionally, build networks of support, and promote academic internal medicine.

Alliance Opportunities 

The Alliance provides members with many short term and long term opportunities to get engaged with the initiatives and activities that interest them most.

View the categories and list of activities below to determine where you would like to lend your time and talents to help further the Alliance and the profession.

If you have questions about any of the opportunities listed, please contact the AAIM office at (703) 341-4540 or

icons8-user-groups-50.pngJoin A Community

AAIM  offers a plethora of member communities which foster discussion a range of professional interests and topics. Keep up to date on new information or ask questions from your colleagues through this online system.

Join a community

icons8-megaphone-50.pngBecome an Alliance Ambassador

Be a champion for your institution. Alliance Ambassadors are the point of contact for Alliance related information within each institution.

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icons8-user-groups-64.pngMentoring Program

Be a mentor…Share your advice, experience, and knowledge with those who are eager to grow professionally.

Be a mentee… Grow professionally with advice from an Alliance Mentor.


icons8-prize-50.pngRecognize a Colleague

  • Submit the name of an AAIM member who is making a difference in academic internal medicine
  • Submit a colleague for a recent accomplishment such as a new job or new title to AAIM Higher!
Member Spotlight  AAIM Higher!

icons8-personal-trainer-50.pngBe an Innovation Coach

Coach teams as they compete with their inventive or novel approach that addresses an existing or emerging problem that impacts multiple AAIM associations.

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icons8-lecture-64.pngAttend an Alliance Event

  • Academic Internal Medicine Week
  • Educational Leadership Conference
  • APDIM Fall Meeting
  • Alliance Webinars

Upcoming events