Committee News

AAIM committees continue to work on critical issues that affect the organization and profession. AAIM and each membership organization maintain actively involved committees, task forces, and work groups committed to core focus areas of AAIM.

Please note that these updates are about AAIM's "working" committees; there are several other committees that address regulatory or oversight issues. For information about all of the Alliance's committees, please visit committees in the about section of the website.

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AAIM Education Committee

The AAIM Education Committee is charged to discuss and manage issues related to the accreditation of residency and fellowship training, standards for medical student education, milestones and enstrustable professional activities in UME and GME, develop programs and resources for members to manage these issues, and consider alternative approaches to training. Works in collaboration with the Innovation Center and the AAIM Research Committee to recommends studies that can be performed to address key educational issues.

Current AAIM Education Committee projects (as of September 2019):

  1. Developing a manuscript on faculty development needs for ambulatory clinician educators
  2. Considering additional resources for the faculty development resources website

Education Committee Roster

  • Chair: Heather S. Laird-Fick, MD (APDIM Liaison)
  • Vice Chair: John P. Moriarty, MD
  • Alpesh N. Amin, MD, MBA, MACP, SFHM, FAAC (APM Liaison)
  • Abdo Asmar, MD, FASN, FACP
  • Timothy J. Barreiro, MD, DO
  • Seth M. Berney, MD
  • John H. Choe, MD, MPH
  • Andrew N. Dentino, MD
  • Aashish K. Didwania, MD
  • John Donnelly, MD
  • Monica Fawthrop (AIM Liaison)
  • Robert D. Ficalora, MD, FACP
  • Janice Gilden, MD, MS
  • Saba A. Hasan, MD
  • Solomon Liao, MD, FAAHPM (ASP Liaison)
  • Margaret C. Lo, MD, FACP
  • Theresa L. Marcus
  • Isitri Modak, MD
  • Smruti Mohanty, MD
  • Amit K. Pahwa, MD
  • Alaka Ray, MD
  • Ateeq U. Rehman, MD, FACP
  • Amy Shaheen, MD, MSc, FACP (CDIM Liaison)
  • Bipin Thapa, MD
  • Jonathan L. Tolentino, MD, FAACP, FACP
  • Katherine Walsh, MD
  • Richard M. Wardrop, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACP

AAIM Research Committee

The AAIM Research Committee determines critical areas that affect research within the undergraduate and graduate medical education fields. The committee meets its directive through the fulfillment of the following goals:

  • Advocate and promote opportunities for medical education research.
  • Focus on ways to increase public and private support for basic, clinical, and health services research.
  • Create practical materials and tools to promote research in department of internal medicine, as well as research careers.

Current AAIM Research Committee Projects (as of September 2019):

  1. Launched call for AAIM Innovation Grant letters of intent and project coaches
  2. Planning the 2020 Research Pathways Directors Workshop, which will be held in conjunction with Academic Internal Medicine Week 2020
  3. Developing a census to determine the extent to which faculty and learners in departments of internal medicine are engaged in research on health services and population health

Research Committee Roster

  • Chair: Robert A. Salata, MD
  • Vice Chair: Mone Zaidi, MD, PhD, MACP
  • Olujimi Ajijola, MD, PhD
  • Irene Alexandraki, MD, MPH
  • Mark E. Anderson, MD, PhD (APM liaison)
  • Thurayya Arayssi, MD
  • Rebecca Baron, MD
  • Melvin Blanchard, MD (APDIM liaison)
  • Fred R. Buckhold, MD
  • Jan Busby-Whitehead, MD
  • Chayan Chakraborti, MD
  • Katherine Chretein, MD (CDIM liaison)
  • Carol A. Cottrell (AIM liaison)
  • Briar L. Duffy, MD
  • Nacide Ercan-Fang, MD
  • Carlos A. Estrada, MD
  • Jeffrey LaRochelle, MD
  • Diane L. Levine, MD
  • Michael P. Madaio, MD
  • Mai A. Mahmoud, MD
  • Diana B. McNeill, MD
  • Chad S. Miller, MD
  • Amulya Nagarur, MD
  • Keith L. Obstein, MD, MPH, FASGE (ASP Liaison)
  • Nora Y. Osman, MD
  • Michael S. Parmacek, MD
  • Ashish V. Rana, MD
  • Ali Rizvi, MD
  • Don C. Rockey, MD
  • Ankur Segon, MD
  • Winston Tan, MD
  • Kimberly Tartaglia, MD
  • Robert F. Todd, III, MD, PhD
  • Connie N. Watson, MD
  • Laura Rees Willett, MD
  • Christopher S. Williams, MD, PhD
  • Andrew C. Yacht, MD
  • Amy B. Zelenski, PhD

AAIM Medical Student to Resident Interface Committee

The AAIM Medical Student to Resident Interface Committee is charged to develop programs and resources for faculty and staff responsible for preparing post-core internal medicine clerkship students for their transition from medical school to residency training; and monitor issues related to the transition from medical school to residency training.

Current AAIM Medical Student to Resident Interface Committee projects (as of September 2019):

  1. Preparing manuscripts on application inflation and criteria for offering residency interviews for publication in JGME and Academic Medicine
  2. Exploring new manuscripts on criteria for offering interviews based on 2017 APDIM Spring Survey data, interviews, and IMG fill rate

Medical Student to Resident Interface Committee Roster

  • Chair: Steven V. Angus, MD
  • Vice Chair: Marty D. Muntz, MD
  • Jonathan S. Appelbaum, MD
  • Beth Barron, MD
  • Jeffery Becker, MD
  • Alexander Carbo, MD
  • Analia Castiglioni, MD
  • Karen M. Chacko, MD (APDIM liaison)
  • Paul R. Chelminski, MD
  • Saumil M. Chudgar, MD
  • Patrick Cocks, MD
  • Ernie L. Esquivel, MD
  • Allison Ferris, MD
  • Richard M. Forster, MD
  • Susan J. Gallagher, MD
  • Adam M. Garber, MD
  • Sara E. Gardner, MD
  • Matthew Hollon, MD
  • Nadia J. Ismail, MD
  • Brian Kwan, MD
  • Marty D. Muntz, MD
  • Kendall L. Novoa-Takara, MD
  • Anne G. Pereira, MD
  • Cori Salvit, MD
  • Neel Shah, MD
  • Emily Stewart, MD
  • Michelle Sweet, MD
  • T. Robert Vu, MD
  • Sean Whelton, MD

AAIM Resident to Fellow Interface Committee

The AAIM Resident to Fellow Interface Committee is charged to develop programs and resources for faculty and staff responsible for preparing internal medicine residents for their transition from residency to fellowship training; and monitor issues related to the transition from residency to fellowship.

Current AAIM Resident to Fellow Interface Committee projects (as of September 2019):

  1. Developing a manuscript that assesses the impact of AAIM Fellowship Letter of Recommendation Guidelines
  2. Submitted workshop proposals on interview and post-interview communication for Academic Internal Medicine Week 2020

Resident to Fellow Interface Committee Roster

  • Chair: Elaine Muchmore, MD
  • Vice Chair: Richard L. Alweis, MD
  • Nancy Day Adams, MD (ASP liaison)
  • Sheilah Bernard, MD
  • Ellen Cohen, MD
  • Rosemarie L. Conigliaro, MD
  • Patricia A. Cornett, MD
  • Bhavin Dalal, MD
  • Stephanie L. Elkins, MD
  • Michael Frank, MD
  • Raymond C. Hilu, MD
  • Kelli King-Morris, MD
  • Richard I. Kopelman, MD
  • Vera P. Luther, MD
  • John F. McConville, MD
  • Alec O'Connor, MD
  • Anna Person, MD
  • James C. Pile, MD
  • Teresa K. Roth
  • Melanie Sulistio, MD
  • Ellen Thompson, MD

APDIM Survey Committee

APDIM Survey Committee Update (as of May 2019):

  1. 2019 Spring Survey of Program Directors closed on April 24, with 279 complete responses, for a response rate of 71 percent. Individual survey responses were emailed to all respondents immediately after survey closure.

APDIM Survey Committee Roster

Anoop Agrawal, MD
Steven Angus, MD, FACP
Stephanie Call, MD
Jillian Catalanotti, MD, MPH, FACP
Karen Chacko, MD, FACP
Saima Chaudhry, MD
John Cmar, MD
Sanjay Desai, MD
Denise Dupras, MD, PhD
Kathleen Finn, MD
Kathlyn Fletcher, MD
Andrew Halvorsen
Lisa Kearns, MD
Russ Kolarik, MD
Furman McDonald, MD
Kelly McGarry, MD
Alec O'Connor, MD, MPH
Shalini Reddy, MD, MHPE
Lawrence Reich, MD, PhD
Kelly Spielmann, MS, C-TAGME
Sara Swenson, MD
Sandhya Wahi-Gururaj, MD, MPH
Lisa Willett, MD MACM, FACP
Aimee Zaas, MD

CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee

Current CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee projects (as of May 2019):

  1. Published “A National Survey of Undergraduate Clinical Education in Internal Medicine” in May 2019 Journal of General Internal Medicine 34(5):699-704, based on results of 2017 CDIM Annual Survey.

CDIM Survey and Scholarship Committee Roster

Irene Alexandraki, MD, MPH
Shobhina Chheda, MD, MPH
Camilla Curren, MD
Deborah DeWaay, MD
Mark Fagan, MD
Susan Glod, MD
Nadia Ismail, MD, MPH, MEd
Harish Jasti, MD
Cindy Lai, MD
Jeffrey LaRochelle, MD, MPH
Debra Leizman, MD, FACP
Nora Osman, MD
Clifford Packer, MD
Amber Pincavage, MD, FACP
Temple Ratcliffe, MD
Amy Shaheen, MD, MSc, FACP
Karen Szauter, MD
Katherine Walsh, MD