The Alliance empowers academic internal medicine professionals and enhances health care through professional development, research, and advocacy.

AIM Council

Monica Fawthrop
Division Administrator
University of Washington School of Medicine

Sylk Sotto, EdD
Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs
Indiana University School of Medicine

Past President
Craig DeGarmo
Department Administrator
Baylor College of Medicine

Allen Mead
Director, Medicine Health Care Service
Robert Larner, MD, College of Medicine at University of Vermont


Carol Cottrell
University of Miami
Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

Christopher Laubenthal
Clinical Department Administrator
University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine

Nancy Masucci
Administrator Buisiness Officer
University of Alabama School of Medicine

Toby Murzone
Division Administrator
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Southwestern Medical School

Chris Pintado, MPH
Division Administrator
University of Florida College of Medicine

Janet Sabuco, MBA
Associate Chair, Administration and Finance
University of Utah School of Medicine

Committee Chair

Jeffrey Becker
Director of Finance / Business Administrator Digestive Diseases
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

APM Council

Nancy J. Brown, MD
Chair and Physician in Chief
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Mark E. Anderson, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Past President
David L. Coleman, MD
Boston University School of Medicine

Michael Parmacek, MD
Chair; Director, Penn Cardiovascular Institute
Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD
Chair and DEO
University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine

Alpesh N. Amin, MD, MBA, MACP, SFHM, FACC 
University of California-Irvine School of Medicine

Patricia Finn, MD
University of Illinois College of Medicine

Richard Robbins, MD
Weill Cornell Medicine

Glen D. Solomon, MD
Boonshoft School of Medicine Wright State University 

Committee Chair

Mark Geraci, MD
Indiana University School of Medicine

APDIM Council

Donna J. Astiz, MD
Program Director
Atlantic Health (Morristown)

Lisa L. Willett, MD
Program Director
University of Alabama School of Medicine

Past President
Melvin Blanchard, MD
Chief of Medical Education
Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

Karen Chacko, MD, FACP
Associate Program Director
University of Colorado School of Medicine


Richard L. Alweis, MD
Designated Institutional Officer
Rochester Regional Health

Catherine Apaloo, MD, FACP
Program Director
Piedmont Athens Regional

Harley P. Friedman, MD
Program Director
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Heather S. Laird-Fick, MD, MPH
Residency Program Director
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Susan Lane, MD
Program Director and Vice Chair for Education
Stony Brook University School of Medicine

Jaya Raj, MD, FACP
Program Director
St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

Abby Spencer, MD, MS, FACP
Program Director
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Emily Stewart, MD, FACP
Program Director
Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

David A. Wininger, MD
Program Director
Ohio State University College of Medicine

Ex Officio

Cara Giacomo, C-TAGME
Program Administrator
Greenwich Hospital Association

Suzanne McLaughlin, MD
Program Director
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

ASP Council

Kevin M. McKown, MD
University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Debra Simmons, MD, MS, FACE, FACP
Director of Clinical Affairs
University of Utah School of Medicine

Past President
Abraham Thomas, MD, MPH
Chair of Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School—Baystate

Abigail Lara, MD
Assistant Professor
University of Colorado School of Medicine


Steven Barczi, MD
Professor of Medicine, Director of Geriatric Medicine Fellowship, Clinical Director of Geriatrics
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Jeffrey A. Colburn, MD
Core Faculty
San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium

Joseph DeSimone, Jr., MD
Fellowship Program Director
Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Scott Gilbert, MD, FASN
Fellowship Program Director
Tufts University School of Medicine

Jason Kolfenbach, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Fellowship Director
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Solomon Liao, MD, FAAHPM
Director of Palliative Care Services
University of California, Irvine School of Medicine

Mohan Nadkarni, MD
Division Chief, General Geriatric Palliative and Hospital Medicine
University of Virginia School of Medicine

Srikanth Nagalla, MD, MS
Fellowship Program Director
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Southwestern Medical School

Keith L. Obstein, MD, MPH, FASGE
Associate Professor, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Vikas I. Parekh, MD
Associate Program Director
University of Michigan Medical School

Nirav Shah, MD, FACP
Assistant Professor
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Howard Terebelo, MD, DO
Program Director
Providence Hospital and Medical Centers

Joseph Yusin, MD
Chief and Program Director
VA Greater Los Angeles Health Care System

Firas Zahr, MD
Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine

Members At-Large

Amy O'Brien-Ladner, MD
Acting Chair
University of Kansas School of Medicine

Sharma Prabhakar, MD
Professor and Vice Chair
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

CDIM Council

Shobhina G. Chheda, MD, MPH
Associate Dean of Medical Education
University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Katherine Chretien, MD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
George Washington University School of Medicine

Past President
Andrew R. Hoellein, MD
Clerkship Director
University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Alisa Peet, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Education
Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University


Reeni Abraham, MD
Clerkship Director
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Southwestern Medical School

Joel L. Appel, MD, DO
Director of Ambulatory and Subinternship Programs
Wayne State University School of Medicine

Ernie Esquivel, MD, FACP, FHM
Clerkship Director
Weill Cornell Medicine

Marty D. Muntz, MD
Associate Professor
Medical College of Wisconsin

Anne G. Pereira, MD, MPH
Assistant Dean for Curriculum
University of Minnesota Medical School

Hilary F. Ryder, MD, MS, FACP, FHM
Internal Medicine Clerkship Director
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Amy Shaheen, MD, MSc
Co-Director, Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship, Ambulatory
University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Kimberly Tartaglia, MD
Assistant Professor—Clinical
Ohio State University College of Medicine

Robert L. Trowbridge, MD
Director of Medical Student Education
Maine Medical Center

Committee Chairs

David Gugliotti, MD
Clerkship Director
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Jeffrey LaRochelle, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Ex Officio

Valerie Collins
Coordinator Education and Nephrology
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

AIM Former Presidents

2017-2018 Craig DeGarmo

2016-2017  Masada (Musty) Habhab

2015-2016  Steve Vinciguerra

2014-2015  Timothy J. Heffer

2013-2014  Brian L. David

2012-2013  Lisa Runco

2011-2012  Joe Doty

2010-2011  Donna R. Devine

2008-2009  Catherine G. Wood

2007  Martha A. Hooven

2006  Don C. Glazier

2005  Dale W. Davenport

2004  Charles B. Reuland, ScD

2003  Gary E. Engel

2002  Jane Oppenheim

2001  David O. Nichols

2000  Kathryn A. Mahaffey

1999  Karen L. Campbell, PhD

1998  John C. Girtman, III

1997  John Hallinan

1996  Martin A. Friedman

1995  Frederick A. Creighton

1994  Kathleen F. Siker

1993  Larry W. Turner

1992  Jane T. Schumaker

1991  James E. Lewis, PhD

1990  Patrick W. Breault

1989  Susan W. Adam

1988  Paul A. Thacker

1987  Wilbur Pittinger

1986  Lilly Marks

1985  Riordan L. Timmons

1984  Robert R. Simms

1983  Sandra Broder

1982  J. Terry Holloway

1981  J. Terry Holloway

1980  J. Terry Holloway

1979  J. Terry Holloway

APM Former Presidents

2017-2018 David Coleman, MD

2016-2017  Mary E. Klotman, MD

2015-2016  James D. Marsh, MD

2014-2015  Robert F. Todd, III, MD, PhD

2013-2014  Wendy S. Levinson, MD

2012-2013  Michael S. Bronze, MD

2011-2012  Richard A. Walsh, MD

2010-2011  Andrew I. Schafer, MD

2009-2010  Mark L. Zeidel, MD

2008-2009  David E. Steward, MD

2007-2008  William J. Bremner, MD, PhD

2006-2007  Barbara L. Schuster, MD

2005-2006  Lee Goldman, MD

2004-2005  Jeffrey Glassroth, MD

2003-2004  Laurence B. Gardner, MD

2002-2003  John B. O’Connell, MD

2001-2002  Richard D. deShazo, MD

2000-2001  D. Craig Brater, MD

1998-1999  Sidney Cohen, MD

1997-1998  Daniel W. Foster, MD

1996-1997  Maurice A. Mufson, MD

1995-1996  Arthur H. Rubenstein, MD

1994-1995  John D. Stobo, MD

1993-1994  James P. Nolan, MD

1992-1993  Robert Glickman, MD

1991-1992  J. Claude Bennett, MD

1990-1991  Gerald Levey, MD

1989-1990  Thomas Ferris, MD

1988-1989  Norman Levinsky, MD

1987-1988  Harold J. Fallon, MD

1986-1987  Norton J. Greenberger, MD

1985-1986  Jay H. Stein, MD

1984-1985  J. Willis Hurst, MD

1983-1984  Laurence Earley, MD

1982-1983  Joseph Johnson, MD

1981-1982  Edward Hook, MD

1980-1981  David Solomon, MD

1979-1980  Alvin Tarlov, MD

1978-1979  Lloyd Smith, Jr., MD

1977-1978  Grant Liddle, MD

1976-1977  Sol Sherry, MD

1975-1976  Gene H. Stollerman, MD

1974-1975  Eugene Braunwald, MD

1973-1974  Saul Farber, MD

1972-1973  Louis G. Welt, MD

1971-1972  Donald W. Seldin, MD

1970-1971  Robert Petersdorf, MD

1969-1970  Ludwig Eichna, MD

1968-1969  John B. Hickam, MD

1967-1968  James V. Warren, MD

1966-1967  Lawrence E. Young, MD

1965-1966  Maxwell Wintrobe, MD

APDIM Former Presidents

2017-2018 Melvin Blanchard, MD

2016-2017  Brian M. Aboff, MD

2015-2016  Lia S. Logio, MD

2014-2015  Alwin F. Steinmann, MD

2013-2014  Gregory C. Kane, MD

2012-2013  Paul B. Aronowitz, MD

2011-2012  Lisa M. Bellini, MD

2010-2011  Ethan D. Fried, MD

2009-2010  David Gary Smith, MD

2008-2009  Donald R. Bordley, MD

2007-2008  Keith B. Armitage, MD

2006-2007  Deborah M. DeMarco, MD

2005-2006  Lee R. Berkowitz, MD

2004-2005  John P. Fitzgibbons, MD

2003-2004  Phyllis A. Guze, MD

2002-2003  Lawrence G. Smith, MD

2001-2002  David L. Battinelli, MD

2000-2001  Lisa B. Wallenstein, MD

1999-2000  Thomas J. Nasca, MD

1998-1999  Henry J. Schultz, MD

1997-1998  Thomas G. Cooney, MD

1996-1997  Martin I. Broder, MD

1995-1996  Holly J. Humphrey, MD

1994-1995  Jack Ende, MD

1993-1994  Herbert S. Waxman, MD

1992-1993  Barbara L. Schuster, MD

1991-1992  Ronald A. Arky, MD

1990-1991  Donald E. Girard, MD

1989-1990  Marvin Forland, MD

1988-1989  Jordan J. Cohen, MD

1987-1988  Eleanor Z. Wallace, MD

1986-1987  Richard E. Rieselbach, MD

1985-1986  James Leonard, MD

1984-1985  James R. Klinenberg, MD

1983-1984  Louis M. Sherwood, MD

1982-1983  John R. Gamble, MD

1981-1982  William Denney, MD

1980-1981  Pervis Milnor, MD

1979-1980  David Grob, MD

1977-1979  Richard G. Farmer, MD

ASP Former Presidents

2017-2018 Abraham Thomas, MD

2016-2017  Patty W. Wright, MD

2015-2016  Joshua D. Safer, MD

2014-2015  Mark W. Geraci, MD

2013-2014  John P. Flaherty, MD

2012-2013  Scott D. Gitlin, MD

2011-2012  Don C. Rockey, MD

2010-2011  Lawrence J. Kerzner, MD

2009-2010  Thomas G. Mason, II, MD

2008-2009  Linda J. Burns, MD

2007-2008  Walter G. Barr, MD

2006-2007  Stuart L. Linas, MD

2005-2006  Kevin P. High, MD

2004-2005  Jonathan C. Weissler, MD

2003-2004  Paul W. Ladenson, MD

2002-2003  Dennis W. Boulware, MD

2001-2002  Robert A. Rizza, MD

2000-2001  K. Randall Young, Jr., MD

1999-2000  Russel E. Kaufman, MD

1998-1999  Mark S. Klempner, MD

1997-1998  Robert J. Myerburg, MD

1996-1997  Robert J. Mayer, MD

1995-1996  Eric G. Neilson, MD

CDIM Former Presidents

2017-2018 Andrew R. Hoellein, MD

2016-2017  L. James Nixon, MD

2015-2016  G. Dodd Denton, II, MD

2014-2015  Valerie J. Lang, MD

2013-2014  Sara B. Fazio, MD

2012-2013  Heather E. Harrell, MD

2011-2012  Jennifer R. Kogan, MD

2010-2011  Thomas M. De Fer, MD

2009-2010  Karen E. Hauer, MD

2008-2009  Philip A. Masters, MD

2007  Tayloe H. Loftus, MD

2006  Paul A. Hemmer, MD

2005  D. Michael Elnicki, MD

2004  Walter N. Kernan, MD

2003  Mark J. Fagan, MD

2002  Charles H. Griffith, III, MD

2001  Regina A. Kovach, MD

2000  Gary S. Ferenchick, MD

1999  David J. Theige, MD

1998  Maxine Papadakis, MD

1997  Louis N. Pangaro, MD

1996  Richard J. Simons, MD

1995  Gail Morrison, MD

1994  James O. Woolliscroft, MD

1993  H. Kenneth Walker, MD

1992  Ruth-Marie E. Fincher, MD

1991  Gregory J. Magarian, MD