Elections: AIM



Carol A. Cottrell

Cottrell_Carol-photo.jpgI greatly appreciate your support and consideration for the nomination of president-elect of the AIM Council.  My experience with AIM was very early on in the mid 1990’s when I presented a financial tool at an AIM meeting.  I attended AIM meetings intermittently until 2014, where I consistently have attended.  In 2015, I was appointed to the AIM Council.  In this role, I have been the AIM Council liaison to the AAIM Research Committee, and an active participant on the AAIM Resident Research Committee, where we recently submitted a paper to Academic Medicine.  This work was presented as a workshop at the 2018 AAIM Annual meeting.  I’m an active mentor, and a participant in the New Business Administrators Workshop.  Presently, I am the AIM Treasurer. 

My career in health care started shortly after serving 4 years in the US Navy, when I was hired by the University of Michigan, spending over 27 years in several administrative and financial roles in the Divisions of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Rheumatology, and Infectious Diseases.  While in Rheumatology at Michigan, I was active in the Association of Rheumatology Healthcare Professionals, and was appointed as the practice manager representative on the American College of Rheumatology Committee on Rheumatologic Care (CORC). 

Late 2008, I was recruited as Division Administrator for Gastroenterology, at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine.  Presently, I am the Sr. Department Administrator overseeing the Divisions of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Rheumatology.  I have been active in our fellowship programs; helped build our research programs, including the first T-32 in the Department of Medicine, and have worked to reorganize our clinical support structure for Digestive Health.  I am active as a mentor to students and staff. 

In my personal life, I am an avid sailor, competitively racing sailboats on the ocean and bay.  I am a volunteer in the Coconut Grove Sail Club, where we run many national and international races.  As a volunteer, I have learned that being an engaged team member has always been crucial to the success of any organization, whether it be academics or sailing. 

In summary, I believe my experience in administering many subspecialty divisions of medicine, research and financial management, serving as an AIM Councilor and Treasurer, and being on other national and local committees, will allow me to be an outstanding candidate as president-elect.  I have seen the changes and strength of AIM grow over almost two decades.  This is due to the dedication of the AAIM staff and membership who have devoted their time to the Alliance.  The engaging partnerships and discussions of the AAIM Councils to continue to work together, grow, educate, and provide professional development at all levels is wonderful to be a part of.  As the president-elect, I would like to help continue to grow the membership, engage more administrators, encourage participation amongst the various Alliance committees, and further promote professional development for its members.  I look forward to future contributions in this capacity and truly appreciate your consideration.


Jeffrey Becker

BeckerJeff.jpgI appreciate the opportunity to serve as AIM Treasurer starting July 2020.  I have worked in academic health care 18 years at the University of Cincinnati, my current role as the Director of Finance for our Department. 

I’ve been involved with AIM since 2010, attended the Executive Leadership Program, served on Program Planning Committee and Co-Director of the Pre Course for New Administrators.  I currently serve as the Chairman of the AIM Program Planning Committee, member of the AAIM Educational Program Planning Committee, and AIM Council for the past 2 years.

As treasurer for AIM, I will continue the work of my predecessors - serving as your representative to the AAIM Finance and Audit Committee, maintain the financial health of AAIM, advocate for fiscally responsible decision-making for AAIM and for AIM initiatives, and provide regular reports to the council on the fiscal status of AAIM.

I will assist the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in preparing the annual AAIM budget, work with the AAIM Treasurer to develop fiscal policies and strategies and review current ones as necessary, provide input on bank and investment accounts, and assist in financial transaction oversight (comparing actual revenues and expenses to budget).

I enjoy serving AIM and would like continue to do so in the role of AIM Treasurer.  I will bring my years of finance, divisional and department experience to the table with me, and continue to reach out, make connections, and help AIM and our members to the best of my ability.  I appreciate your consideration and support !


Serena Loya

LoyaWEB.jpgBeing given the opportunity to participate on the AIM council will allow me to give my perspective of being a Department Administrator for the largest department at a branch campus. Because we are a branch campus of the University of California, San Francisco, located in Fresno (the central valley), we are affiliated with several organizations to help meet the health care needs of those in our community. Being that UCSF Fresno has a diverse patient population and a large portion of our patients come from rural areas throughout the central valley, I feel I am able to give a viewpoint to others that have a different organizational structure than mine. I would be honored to represent both the University of California, San Francisco and my campus at UCSF Fresno. I have worked for the University for 11 years and have held several positions which has provided me with an immense amount of hands on experience in an academic setting, all of which have been in the department of internal medicine. I am confident in my skills and abilities in being a council member for AIM as I have acquired a great amount of knowledge in the specialty of internal medicine as well as the subspecialties that fall under the internal medicine umbrella and have hands on experience in all of these areas. I have had the opportunity to serve as a member on the AIM Planning Committee and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of AIM.

Sarah Quadri
QuadriSarah.jpgMy name is Sarah Quadri and I have been at the University of Miami since 2010. I had an opportunity to learn in a unique environment, academic medicine! Being one of the few academic health systems in South Florida, I felt very lost at times at what would drive my division to success. Organizations such as AAIM created a way for me to learn from other academic medical centers and learn best practices to ensure our patients well-being by fostering exceptional physicians and leaders. Being an AIM Councilor will help me to be a part this continued success.

Internal Medicine is the gatekeeper of all subspecialty of Medicine. Primary care medicine is a first point of contact for a patient and can help to avoid disease and symptom aggravation. As a Sr. Division Administrator of the Division of General Internal Medicine at the University of Miami, I feel as though I also am the gatekeeper for my faculty and staff. My goal is to ensure success of our trifold missions- high quality compassionate patient care, education and research. Our goal as a division is to expand our primary care presence while cultivating professional development by way of research and education amongst our physicians to build the best clinicians and clinician educators to serve our patients and students. 

My goal as an AIM Councilor is to provide a gold standard across the nation for all department and divisions of Internal Medicine to foster the best of the best. Through my own attendance at the annual AAIM conference I was able to take back ideas on how recruit top talent and it worked very well. AAIM gives an opportunity for departments and divisions of internal medicine across the nation to help develop our physicians to provide the best health care for our patients. As a Councilor I want to be able to provide resources for success across the nation but also continue to learn at a national level and bring this wisdom back to my home institution and the South Florida patient population.

Thank you for your time.

Dawn J. Smith

SmithDawn.jpgAs an administrative leader at Wake Forest Baptist Health, I have served in a number of roles that allowed me to evaluate, recommend, and implement innovative changes for my organization. Recently, I served on a small committee with representation from a cross section of departments that looked across the organization for areas of improvement. Being relatively new to my Vice Chair role, I have also been finding opportunities as I become more familiar my own areas of influence. My goal as an AIM Councilor is to bring these innovative ideas and tools to help advance the professional development of my peers at other institutions. To help me achieve this goal, I would network with new contacts across the country and listen to the issues they are dealing with in their organizations, and subsequently represent their needs on the Council. I would engage with the diversity and inclusion initiatives, supplementing them with my own ideas and experiences to further these efforts. I would liaison with the other Councils, similar to how I operate within my own organization working with many groups inside and outside my immediate team. I would also support networking efforts to bring administrators with like issues together remotely for brainstorming discussions. I would also use my freshman time as a Councilor to further explore AIM’s role in AAIM to see how I can better support and strengthen the organization.