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ACGME Resident Survey Resources

Past APDIM surveys have identified stress and pressure on program directors attributable to the annual ACGME Resident Survey. The stress is related to the implications of the survey for accreditation, vague and confusing language for trainees, and the pressure to make changes in their program to improve the survey. This year, ACGME has opened a single, longer window for the survey earlier than usual (February 1-April 1) with updated content that reflects the revised common program requirements. ACGME has indicated that the 2021 survey is the same as the 2020 survey.

APDIM is pleased to share answers to program director frequently asked questions to help address these important concerns as well as to provide a customizable slideset ”Toolkit to Better Understand the ACGME Resident Survey” that residency leaders can use to communicate with residents and fellows to help them better understand the specific language, requirements, and intent of the ACGME Resident Survey. This toolkit, which has been vetted by ACGME for accuracy, can be downloaded and modified for use in your training program with your residents and fellows. The FAQs contain a side-by-side table comparing content from the 2019 survey and the current survey.

RC-IM Assuages Anxiety about 2021 Faculty and Resident Surveys

In a communication with APDIM President David A. Wininger, MD, last week, RC-IM leadership noted that the resident and faculty surveys should not be a cause of undue anxiety during a pandemic. RC-IM Executive Director Jerry Vasilias, PhD, noted that because of the optional nature of the 2020 surveys, for this year’s review cycle, the resident survey could not be used in any accreditation capacity for approximately 40% of internal medicine programs. For those programs that completed the survey (i.e., met the 70% completion rate requirement), the RC is reviewing their survey results within the context of the pandemic. The RC acknowledges that the surveys were deployed and being completed under very unusual circumstances, and is reviewing the results through that lens. It is also reviewing the COVID-19 questions and the additional information program directors provided in the “major changes” section in ADS for further context.

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